Can you upgrade a CyberPowerPC laptop? – 2022

upgrade a CyberPowerPC laptop

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CyberPowerPC Laptops and work areas can deliver the extraordinary visuals many advanced games are famous for. Despite this, the boundaries of excellence and complexity are constantly being pushed. State-of-the-art gaming requires the best gaming equipment.

If you are unhappy with the quality of your gaming experience in the latest high-quality games, it is worth upgrading to a newer, more advanced model. These tips will help you extract every bit of execution from your current Laptop or workstation.

Refreshing drivers

You will get the best gaming experience by keeping your drivers up-to-date for your graphics card/chip or processor.

Windows Settings: How to Change It

You have a few options and modifications that you can make to your work environment. While they might not be the best for gaming execution, they are easy to implement and are free of cost.

“Special visualizations” for Handicap Windows. These enhanced visualizations can be enriching and may give your computer a slight speed boost. Follow the steps below to get your working environment in order.

Windows 10

windows 10

Microsoft OEM Windows 10 Home, 64-Bit

Type “execution” in the inquiry bar and click Adjust the appearance and execution Windows from the results.

Select Adjust in the Visual Effects tab to get the best results. Select Custom to select the affects you want to disable. Click on Apply.

Modifying your settings in-game

All games include a menu with a variety of designs that can be accessed from within the game. These highlights can be altered to convey critical frame rate assistance but at the cost of detail quality.

You can streamline your game’s settings by using the authority apps from your Graphics Processing Unit, also known as a graphics or video card maker. 

These applications can filter your computer for new games and create the ideal settings profile for each one based on your Laptop’s gaming capabilities. This allows you to play with the best balance between quality and execution.


To “overclock” an item is to increase its clock rate beyond the specifications of the producer. Gaming enthusiasts will often overclock their GPUs and processors to get more power from their existing equipment. A faster clock rate means that there are more activities per second.

CyberPowerPC does not allow manual overclocking on its gaming workstations or work areas due to the risk of damage to parts. Notwithstanding, certain CyberPowerPC models can be requested “plant overclocked” from CyberPowerPC; these PCs accompany CyberPowerPC-supported overclock pre-arranged assuming that was added to your unique request.

Redesigning your Components

If you’ve tried all the options and still aren’t satisfied with your gaming experience you may need to upgrade to better, more advanced parts. While updating will provide the best execution boost, it is also the most expensive and confusing option.

Before you upgrade

Avoid potential risks before you start updating your parts.

Guarantee Limitations

CyberPowerPC-marked gaming computers and Laptops are covered by a limited guarantee. This is similar to parts purchased from the CyberPowerPC website or Amazon. If you modify your PC using a CyberPowerPC part, the unique guarantee will cover it.

If you purchase your part from an unknown source, the manufacturer’s guarantee will cover it. Although the CyberPowerPC guarantee doesn’t allow for the updating of your computer, it is important to consider the following impediments.

CyberPowerPC specialists may ask you to first remove any external parts from your computer when they investigate it.

If you are sending your computer to CyberPowerPC for repairs, you will need to first replace the outsider with the CyberPowerPC-marked exclusive.

The unique warranty of the PC doesn’t cover repairs if you cause damage to your computer by inserting an external part.

Part compatibility

Make sure your current PC framework is compatible before you order another part. Go to the Product Support page of your PC to see what kind of parts you have. You can also find the relevant documentation under the Manuals and records tab. A portion of the information about your parts can be found on the CyberPowerPC page for your computer.

Once you have observed your decisions, pay attention to the subtleties in Video, Storage, and Memory classifications. These will guide you in your search for feasible overhauls.

Update your GPU


Modern games require a lot from your GPU. Therefore, if you want to see a significant improvement in-game execution, it is worth replacing this component. However, updating your GPU can be expensive and only a workstation option. 

Although PC and Laptop owners cannot update their GPUs due to limitations on the hardware, certain CyberPowerPC models may be able to make use of the CyberPowerPC Graphics amplifier. This is because the Thunderbolt association takes into consideration availability with other GPU frameworks.

Update your Hard Drive


Are you tired of looking at stacking screens? The SSDs are faster than traditional turning hard drives (HDDs). This means that you won’t be able to wait for your game stacking screen to load.

As if that weren’t enough, all the SSDs get tremendous speed support, even your Windows working framework. This is a great way to make an old slow computer feel like new!

Designing Your Memory

Games generally have a base and suggested determination for irregular access memory (RAM). While knowing the RAM base information will allow you to play the game, having the recommended RAM amount can provide a more enjoyable interactivity experience.

This might mean that you need to add more RAM to your computer or work area. However, a RAM upgrade will allow your computer to run more projects simultaneously. A strong venture, certainly.

Two important considerations should be made when adding RAM to your computer.

Most extreme upheld RAM. Unfortunately, your computer can only perceive a small number of gigabytes of RAM. This breaking point is noted on the item’s page at CyberPowerPC and in the manual.

Similarity, if your new RAM is not compatible with your computer, you may have difficulty using your machine.


Although CyberpowerPC laptops have a reputation for being great at gaming, would it be possible to redesign them? It depends on the model. Although most laptops can be repaired, it is important to speak with the manufacturer or a specialist to make sure you don’t void the warranty. 

There are many overhaul kits available online for those who feel confident doing the job without the assistance of others. 

Let us know in the comments if you have updated your CyberpowerPC laptop and how it went.

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