Computer stuck on boot screen after ram upgrade – 2023 | 10 Techniques

computer stuck on boot screen after ram upgrade

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Try To Restore

restore pc

Windows 10 freezing on loading display screen” difficulty, you can also do a device restore so as to take your laptop back to an in advance factor in time. but, you have to make sure that there is a full system backup on your computer, and the machine safety is turned on.

Here, you still want to do it in secure mode. please comply with those operations: press “start” button > select “manage panel” > look for “recovery” > click on “open machine restore” > press “next” > choose the repair point you need to use > pick “next” > pick out “end”.

In case you do not see any repair factors and get hold of the warning “system safety is became off. to turn it again on so you can use device restore, configure system safety” when you click on “open device restore”, this method can be unavailable due to the fact you can not turn on gadget safety in safe mode.

It is possible that the RAM you installed is incompatible with your computer’s motherboard or that it is not properly seated. Try reseating the RAM, making sure it is securely in place, and check for any bent pins on the RAM or the motherboard.

You can also try removing one of the RAM sticks and booting the computer to see if it is able to start. If the problem persists, you may need to check your computer’s manual or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

Otherwise follow the below 10 steps, tips and techniques 

follow these steps

Does your pc get caught on starting a home windows screen when you tried to turn on a computer? for no cause, when you begin home windows 10, eight, or 7, it hangs on the begin brand, and it even lasts mins to hours once in a while? some users reply that it can work to force the computer to shut down, and whilst computers get restarted, the whole thing could be very well. however, this is not an extended-time period solution and now not a excellent method to guard the laptop, information, and gadget safety.

Do not worry. easeus will provide you complete solutions to fix home windows 10/8/7 stuck on startup/boot/loading display screen difficulty right here.

Now you may observe someone of those offered techniques to remedy the home windows caught on loading screen trouble simply now. and you will be very careful at the same time as seeking to observe those presented answers.

Technique. 1: Unplug usb dongle

Windows 10 caught on home windows brand with spinning dots may additionally arise due to faulty usb storage. in this example, try to disconnect all the labored usb dongles linked for your pc with a usb cable, including blue tooth, sd card readers, flash drive, wireless mouse dongle, and extra.

This technique gains a number of effective remarks on-line. and in case you are fortunate enough, the difficulty can be solved. if this approach won’t restoration windows 10 or home windows 7 caught on beginning windows problem, preserve to attempt the subsequent manner.

Technique. 2: Start home windows 10/eight/7 in safe mode

In some instances, the “home windows caught on loading screen” issue is resulting from home windows updates or other issues. at this time, you may input the secure mode, do nothing, after which reboot your laptop to assist the laptop start usually once more.

Safe mode starts with a minimal set of drivers, software program, and carrier. while pc caught on boot display, and home windows can not start generally, secure mode starts offevolved and not using a hassle. it’s useful with a purpose to troubleshoot the hassle there.

A way to enter secure mode when your pc can’t boot usually? while home windows 10 stuck on loading display difficulty takes place, to go into secure mode, you should boot your pc from the bootable disk, or shut down your computer abnormally extra than times till you see the getting ready computerized restore.

Then choose “increase alternatives” > “troubleshoot” > “advanced options” > “startup settings” > “restart”, after your pc restart, press four or f4 on the keyboard to start your laptop in secure mode.

Reboot windows 10/8/7 from secure mode.

Technique. 3: take a look at & fix record device

You could either select to manually take a look at and fasten the record system and tough drive errors with partition manager software program or to solve this trouble manually. the primary one is greater encouraged. why is that? partition supervisor assist you to as well pc from a bootable disk and copy partition with data into every other external garage tool to avoid information loss error.

Check and fix the file system with the partition manager

Right here we advocate you try easeus partition supervisor, which might help you do quite lots of complex partition control jobs and fasten machine tough disk blunders simply.

  • Create a winpe bootable disk from any other wholesome computer, which is running the identical machine as your gift laptop.
  • Connect the bootable disk usb drive or sd card with a computer and choose in addition from the disk.
  • Choose to go into easeus partition grasp. there you can at once carry out a disk or partition replica operation so to replicate partition information into a new garage device; (do take into account to connect some other new drive or garage device with pc.)
  • Then use easeus partition grasp to check and attach difficult pressure error.

Later you may reboot windows and retain to use the computer again. (if a few data have been misplaced, don’t worry. you may restore them from the copied partition data.)

Manually check and fasten tough drive errors

activate home windows and press f8/shift to go into secure mode and pick restore your computer.
if it asks you to select keyboard, click on adequate; if it tells to pick the account, pick your account and click ok; when you have a password, input it.

Whilst you see machine recuperation options, click “command set off” > kind chkdsk in command set off and hit enter.
this may test and attach mistakes inside the hard disk drive. after which, you may restart the computer to continue to experience home windows 10/8/7 without any issues then.

Technique. 4: Repair system with the gadget restore disk

When there may be something wrong with the home windows device, you may encounter home windows 10 or home windows 7 caught at beginning windows display hassle. to troubleshoot, you could use the machine set up disk to start the repair.

Since you can not boot home windows 10 usually, you need to use a home windows 10 installation cd or enter the safe mode to open command set off window and sort “bootrec.exe /repair” to do a gadget repair.

Technique. 5: Restore the system to the previous kingdom

This approach requires you to have gadget backups for your laptop before the disaster. in case you do have a full device backup for your pc, you may comply with the below steps to strive:

Turn on home windows and press f8/shift and click restore your computer.

Whilst home windows restore mode is ready, click on good enough if it asks you to pick keyboard; choose your account and click on ok if it asks you to pick the account and enter a password if you have one.

Pick device restore beneath system healing alternatives, and you can see all windows restore points.

Repair gadget while windowns stuartup stuck.

Select the proper repair point which become created while your computer is secure and sound, and check show greater restore points in case you do not see all restore points.

Click next. then all you want is to attend patiently to permit it restore all your windows to the factor which you’ve decided on.

Technique. 6: Test system ram

If it’s far caused by awful reminiscence in the laptop or the memory slot on a computer motherboard is awful, you may follow to repair it:

  • Try to alternate or reinstall the laptop and restart the device in secure mode: press f8/shift on startup.
  • cChoose safe mode and hit input.
  • Press win + r or run msconfig and click adequate.
    pick a smooth boot option in below selective startup.
  • Press practice and restart windows in regular mode.
Technique. 7: Test virus in safe mode

An epidemic or other sort of malware might have induced a extreme problem in home windows, preventing it from taking off nicely. due to the fact maximum viruses and malware cannot be loaded below safe mode, when the “windows caught on loading screen” problem occurs whilst you need to start your pc, you may attempt to test your computer for viruses in secure mode.

  • Boot home windows into secure mode as described in method 2.
  • Delete transient documents.
    download virus/malware scanners.
    run to test and do away with all virus/malware from windows.
  • Reboot laptop to begin home windows usually.
  • Approach eight. take a look at lately established or upgraded drivers.
Technique. 8: Check Recently Installed or Upgraded Drivers 

If antivirus does not clear up the problem, you could also strive to test the recently set up or updated drivers in safe mode, uninstall or reinstall them, and spot if it helps.

Technique. 9: Reinstall/easy set up windows 10/eight/7

if all the above techniques are not able to clear up the “home windows 10 stuck on home windows brand” trouble, you should attempt to do a smooth reinstallation of windows 10. this approach might be easy, however you could lose some documents and statistics. do not worry; you can use the “clone disk” characteristic of easeus partition wizard bootable version to back up all information on the computer, format your laptop hard drive, after which reinstall home windows 10 to restore home windows stuck on loading screen.

All you need is to download relative iso photograph files of your gift home windows system and then perform a easy set up of windows 10, 8, or 7. then windows stuck on the loading display screen, boot or startup mistakes will all be solved.

Reinstall/smooth install home windows 10.

Technique. 10: Roll returned to a previous version of windows

In case you’ve already solved the “computer stuck on boot display” problem using the above method, however you sense that the cutting-edge model of home windows is buggy and unstable, you could pick to roll lower back to the preceding model of home windows.

However, you should first test whether you can roll back or no longer. the rollback length was set to 30 days initially, but microsoft decreased the length to ten days with the discharge of the anniversary update for home windows 10. in this period, you may roll lower back to an in advance model in winre by way of following the stairs under.

  • Download windows 10 media creation tool and create a windows 10 set up media.
  • Boot or begin your computer from the windows 10 installation media.
  • In the deploy windows web page, click “repair your computer” to begin the home windows recuperation environment.
  • In the home windows recuperation surroundings, at the pick out an option display screen, click “troubleshoot”.
  • Click “superior alternatives” and then click on “pass again to the preceding construct”.
    repair laptop caught on boot display with the aid of rolling returned


How do i fix windows 10 stuck on loading display?

To restoration home windows 10 caught on loading display screen issue, you may do it in safe mode. to go into safe mode while laptop stuck on boot display, you ought to boot your computer from the bootable disk, or close down your computer abnormally as soon as or greater times until your laptop boot with “computerized restore” display. then choose “superior options” > “troubleshoot” > “superior options” > “startup settings” > “restart”, after your pc restart, press four or f4 at the keyboard to start your pc in safe mode.

Why is my pc caught on loading display?

this could occur after a driving force update, a few snap shots difficulty, and from time to time even after a prime home windows 10 replace or other troubles. at this time, you may input the safe mode, do not anything, after which reboot your laptop.

How do you fix a caught display screen on a loading computer?

in case your computer stuck at loading display (circles spin but no emblem), comply with steps under to repair.

Close down your pc > boot into gadget recovery (press f11 repeatedly as quickly as you press the energy button) > then, pick out “troubleshoot”> “superior options”> “gadget restore”. then, follow on-display screen instructions to complete.

How do i restore windows 7 stuck on loading screen?

To restore windows 7 stuck at beginning home windows screen problem, you could try to trade your computer reminiscence or reinstall the pc reminiscence. after which, restart the pc in secure mode.

In safe mode, press win + r keys to run msconfig and press good enough. here, you should select the smooth boot choice by way of unchecking all the options under selective startup. at final, press “follow” and restart windows 7 in ordinary mode.

Laptop will not boot windows after RAM upgrade

Yeah, truly going within the uefi settings menu and selecting the “shop modifications & go out” (usually f10) with out honestly changing any settings is probably all that is needed to get it to work.

A few months in the past once I changed my computer’s stock sk hynix 2×4gb ddr-four 3200mhz c22 package with the g.talent ripjaws 2×8gb package of equals specifications the improve method went less difficult than establishing a packet of crisps.

However, i will also upload that hp isn’t the most effective logo that makes laptops which can be a ache to upgrade, as other manufacturers (like dell) were being pretty notorious for “seller lock-ins” within the vicinity of pc-specific improve compatibility also, no longer to say that bumping into various other issues tends to be a piece of a commonplace element also similarly to getting piddle-poor technical support in case you’re simply an average patron.

Do you want specialized services for machine boot issues?

Easeus additionally provides 1-on-1 far flung assistance to restore the boot problem. if the solution above does now not work for you, please touch our experts through email or livechat in this web page.

To make certain our expert help paintings, you are cautioned to attach the unbootable system force to a healthful pc when getting linked with us.


While you are dealing with “home windows 10 stuck on loading screen” or “windows 7 caught on beginning windows” issue, do not be irritated. you could attempt the 10 effective methods on this put up to clear up the hassle. further, you can contact our professional technical help through e mail or live chat for more assist.

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