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cyberpower 1500avr

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  • 1500VA/900W Intelligent LCD Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System uses simulated sine wave output to safeguard workstations, networking devices, and home entertainment equipment
  • 12 NEMA 5-15R OUTLETS: Six battery backup & surge protected outlets; Six surge protected outlets; INPUT: NEMA 5-15P right angle, 45 degree offset plug with six foot power cord
  • MULTIFUNCTION LCD PANEL: Displays immediate, detailed information on battery and power conditions, including: estimated runtime, battery capacity, load capacity, etc
  • AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATION (AVR): Corrects minor power fluctuations without switching to battery power, thereby extending the life of the battery
  • 3-YEAR WARRANTY – INCLUDING THE BATTERY; $500,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee and FREE PowerPanel Personal Edition Management Software (Download)

A smaller than usual pinnacle UPS that has line-intuitive geography The CyberPower Intelligent LCD CP1500AVRLCD gives battery protection (utilizing the reconstructed sine wave result) along with flood coverage for workstations, personal computers as well as organizing devices, and home theaters. The CP1500AVRLCD makes use of Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to handle minor power fluctuations without affecting the battery’s power, which increases the battery’s lifespan. AVR is crucial in places where power fluctuations are commonplace. The CP1500AVRLCD comes with a three-year warranty (counting the inclusion of batteries) and a Connected Equipment Warranty of $500,000.

A less bulky than typical pinnacle UPS featuring line-intuitive geography and line-independent geography, the CyberPower Intelligent LCD CP1500AVRLCD gives battery protection (utilizing the reenacted sine wave results) and flood protection for workstations, PCs, or organizing equipment, as well as home theater configurations. The CP1500AVRLCD uses Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to handle minor power fluctuations without switching the batteries, which extends the battery’s lifespan. AVR is crucial in places where power vacillations are a regular occurrence. The CP1500AVRLCD comes with a three-year warranty (counting the battery inclusion) and a Connected Equipment Warranty of $500,000.

What is the reason you Need an UPS System?

Even brief blackouts can cause mistakes or even damage to equipment. A UPS framework provides battery reinforcement capability to keep your devices operating during short blackouts. It also allows enough time to shut down your hardware during extended blackouts with the appropriate degree of precision.


Make sure you have a consistent amount of power on your PC and make sure that you can shut down your framework after an extended blackout.

Home Networking/VoIP

Make sure your smart home devices are connected to the internet during brownouts and blackouts.

Individual Electronics

Make sure that you don’t allow the game to end once the power is cut off. Reinforcement battery power keeps the gaming control center audio systems, as well as chargers in operation.

Home Theaters

Protect your touchy satellites, TVs, projectors, or link boxes from electrical surges and spikes.

Battery Backup

Provides power for equipment to shut down when the power goes flat. Forestalls loss of information, and reduces the pressure on parts that are caused by a solid closure.

Flood Protection

Redirects the overabundance voltage away from sensitive electronic equipment in the event of an AC power surge or spike to prevent damage.

Programmed Voltage Regulation (AVR)

AVR creates power from AC power and maintains an unaffected voltage level without switching to battery mode or restricting the battery’s duration.

Multifunction LCD

Displays concise, accurate information on the UPS battery as well as power supply, making users aware of potential issues before they affect the hardware’s basic functions and impact personal disruption.

Information Line Protection

Forestalls power floods move across coaxial as well as Ethernet lines, preventing harm to devices.

Line Interactive Topology

The term “line intelligent” is used when a UPS is equipped with an autotransformer that regulates lower voltages (e.g. brownouts, etc.)) as well as spikes (e.g. spikes) without switching to batteries.

Recreated Sine Wave Output

Creates a waveform that is fabricated to provide savvy battery reinforcement power to devices that don’t require an increase in sine waves.


The model used is part of the ENERGY STAR(r) certified uninterruptible power supply (UPS) model. ENERGY STAR is the trusted image of the government that is backed by the federal government for energy-efficient products and practices that aid in putting aside money and protecting the environment.

GreenPower UPS ™ Bypass Design

A registered plan that allows utilities to bypass the UPS transformer if AC power is stable reduces energy use as well as commotion and heat growth.

CyberPower Systems 1500 CyberPower Systems 1500 can be described as the most suitable option for mid-to-upper stage PC frameworks. With run times for batteries up to 170 minutes, it is a true performer. 1500 is not only a protective component against spikes, floods list, brownouts, and other issues with power however, it also safeguards your PC’s framework and vital information in the event of an outage. The voltage guideline that is programmed (AVR) can move low voltages to secure result levels, and not rely on batteries. Power Panel Personal Edition Software is included with every model. In the event of an outage, Power Panel Personal Edition Software naturally saves and closes the open grinds and then closes your PC Framework smartly and deliberately.

How do I expect to have the UPS provide power to my frameworks once the power goes off?

The framework is estimated to be running at 13.5 minutes with half load, and 1.2 minutes for a full load. The LCD screen provides the expected time of running considering the required use of power in the event of power interruptions.

Can be this UPS at any time the existence of this UPS?

This CP825AVRLCD includes free downloading from Power Panel Personal which gives a user-friendly dashboard interface to control and monitor the UPS.


Overall both CyberPower CP1500 LCD AVR and the PFC LCD CP1500 are fantastic UPSes that handle the business needs, but do it with ease. The two models were the most dependable of all electronic equipment we tested and both units offered the possibility of achieving significantly longer runtimes than the APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA that we had previously inspected. Although both UPSes are fantastic, however, those who require an improved energy source, or equipment that requires a flawless authentic pure sine-wave power source will have to purchase CyberPower’s CyberPower CP1500 PFC LCD.

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