CyberPowerPC gamer ultra gua3120cpg – 2022 | Ultimate Guide

CyberPowerPC gamer ultra gua3120cpg
  • Processor: AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor 
  • Storage: 1TB HDD 
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 240 2GB Graphics Video Card 
  • 1x HDMI | 1x DVI
  • 1x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | 6x USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi 802.11ac adapter
  • Tempered Glass side case panel
  • Accessories: USB Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

Get the most out of your computing experience with the CyberPowerPC gamer’s extremely collection of computers. Those computers function as powerful AMD multi-core processors to no longer most effective manage your severe gaming sessions, but also tackle normal obligations which include internet browsing, e-mail, and social networking.

The gamer extremely collection is powered by discrete images playing cards for a considerable visible performance boost over incorporated pix. Do not limit yourself to an unmarried display; the gamer ultra series is multi-reveal likeminded for the last word multitasking enjoy.

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The gamer extremely computer PC from CyberPowerPC may be a custom-constructed device designed for patrons who need a performance gaming computer with the aesthetics to suit .

The CyberPowerPC gamer ultra gua3120cpg gaming computer is a cheap choice for mid-tier and informal gamers who want to revel in computer gaming without the hassle of getting to construct their rig. This rig is rocking a uniquely designed metal case this is will enchantment to several game enthusiasts who like to expose off their gaming pc.

CyberPowerPC gamer ultra gua3120cpg offers you with outstanding processing electricity and incredible gaming competencies. With the excessive-performance AMD FX-6300 6-Core 3.50GHz processor, you may be able to have actual-time gaming marathons with no lag at all. The 8GB of ram lets you run a couple of machine operations without a compromise in reliability, overall performance, or speed.

you may have ample room to save limitless video games and your significant digital files on the huge HDD hard drive, and the AMD Radeon R7 240 images card with a devoted reminiscence of 2GB will provide you with picture-best exceptional whenever.

This unit comes with a keyboard and mouse with a cutting facet design, ideal for extended gaming classes. The windows 10 home (sixty-four-bit) operating gadget facilitates you to enjoy a person-pleasant interface.

This gadget is built inside a thermal take core g21 mid-tower case and has a 450-watt strength supply.

In case you’re going to play online multiplayer video games, you will need a faster net connection. This CyberPowerPC gamer ultra gua3120cpg supplies you 802.11ac wireless in addition to a gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 LAN jack so you may be capable of have fast, stressed out, or wireless internet gets entry to.

The gamer extremely gaming PC from CyberPowerPC is an ideal gadget for exclusive varieties of game enthusiasts who aim to end up a professional in their fields. Powered with the aid of the AMD FX-6300 6-core processor with a fantastic pace of 3.5GHz, it makes sure you could defeat all the enemies and be crowned because of the winner.

It ensures enough supply of energy on your system to play your games constantly without suffering from breakdowns. Other than this, it comes with 8GB of ddr3 memory which helps you to deal with more than one duty at the same time without being struck by any lags.

To meet extra of your gamer persona, the CyberPowerPC gamer ultra gua3120cpg comes equipped with a complete storage potential of 1TB which lets you hold your valuable records and documents in a secure and comfy location. It makes room on your documents, snapshots, films, packages, and your favorite and most played games.

Further to this, it also comes with AMD Radeon R7 240 with 2GB video reminiscence which helps you to revel in a clean run and lets you enjoy greater of the present-day video games with excessive images. It runs on a Home windows expert 64-bit working device which gives a consumer-pleasant interface for easy management and switching among one-of-a-kind packages and packages.

Table of Contents

Feature & Design

As we’ve already noted in this CyberPowerPC gamer extremely gua3120cpg assessment, the case CyberPowerPC chose for this rig is super. From the polygonal glass panel that suggests the internals to the red RGB lights, the competitive contours, and sunken surfaces, this example has all of the layout elements that a gamer and electricity consumer would need in a PC. You can tell by using searching through the glass panel that cable management is achieved professionally as is with maximum CyberPower gaming rigs.y

The sparkling RGB treatment at the CyberPowerPC gamer ultra gua3120cpg nearly makes it look like a pink warm flame sparkling through the vents and glass panel. This is an epic-looking gaming rig to function prominently in your gaming setup. Every other extremely good characteristic is the pre-hooked-up licensed reproduction of home windows 10 home because it saves us cash. it additionally brings all of the new functions protected on this new OS like the Xbox apps and DirectX 11.2 gaming optimization.


A few hardcore PC building enthusiasts may additionally need to brush aside the AMD performance components installed on this PC. But, we assume they offer sufficient compute electricity for mid-tier game enthusiasts and power customers. That is in no manner the fastest gaming computer system available these days and we aren’t suggesting that however for this rate and price, the CyberPowerPC gamer extremely gua3120cpg is a great performer.

the AMD fx-6300 three.50ghz six-core processor turned into one of the most famous chips from AMD in 2016 and still stays a famous choice for lots of game enthusiasts and energy customers available nowadays. It’s a better alternative to a few famous inter-core i7 chips presently in the market and truly shines on the subject of multi-threaded workloads as well as offering enough juice for smooth gameplay. It’s one of the exceptional AMD processors obtainable. This being a 6 core processor also makes it amazing for widespread productivity aside from gaming.

Portraits performance is driven by any other popular MAD chip-the AMD Radeon r7 250 2GB video cards. The 2GB physical memory on this GPU is a chunk meager. However, it’s no slouch as it plays nicely above average for numerous e-sports titles and mid-tier video games like world of war craft doom, and GTA.

Input Devices

as with any cyberpower gaming rig, the CyberPowerPC gamer extremely gua3120cpg  comes with a free black 102-key keyboard with an illuminated led emblem design and a 9-button gaming mouse with 4000 dpi optical sensor and 5 (five) 5g adjustable weights within the base, and an illuminated led brand design.

Overall performance on the gaming keyboard is high-quality, the keys are responsive, and have a respectable journey. We additionally just like the presence of 8 specific multimedia keys and a properly designed and ergonomic palm rest. The equal goes for the loose gaming mouse. It’s an awesome input device, in particular for the extreme gaming periods. The nine buttons provide a plethora of entering gestures for snappier and attractive gameplay.

The CyberPowerPC gamer extremely gua3120cpg provides gigabit Ethernet connectivity via the inbuilt nice that has the rj45 port on the returned. There may be no Wi-Fi connectivity but an outside USB card can constantly provide this when needed.

Memory & Gaming

Mounted ram is 8GB of ddr3 memory and internal reminiscence is a 1TB mechanical HDD. There are empty slots on the motherboard for ram improvements if you plan to use the CyberPowerPC gamer ultra gua3120cpg for other obligations except gaming.

Overall performance in terms of gaming is above average, to say the least, depending on the game played and reveal used. The ITB mechanical difficult drive hooked up on a serial ATA-600 interface is a chunk of a letdown.  We skilled not on-time renders for elements in a few open-international titles like GTA due to its slow read speeds.

We hooked the gua3120cpg to our twin monitor setup together with vote gn32q – 32-inch presentations for this take a look at. Beneath are the rankings for a pick few mid-tier and AAA titles performed at 1080p and 1440p decision.

  • Aggressive and desirable case
  • • Good enough cooling
  • • Moderately priced
  • comes with a gaming keyboard and mouse
  • It has windows 10 pre-installed (it's a plug and play gaming rig)
  • Splendid overall performance for light and mid-tier games
  • Components a piece dated
  • Fans can get loud in quiet surroundings


Can a PC last 10 years?

While a PC starts evolved to slow down or shows different signs that the stop is close to, it is tempting to begin searching online for a replacement. But, there are lots to keep in mind when you’re determining whether to improve a pc, especially in enterprise placing. The expenses upload up, in particular, whilst you’re adding more than one machine to a fleet, even a small one.

questions like “how long do computers last?” and “what is the average PC’s lifespan?” are typically the pinnacle of mind when you weigh the professionals and cons of buying new computers versus managing just a little bit longer before you’re taking the monetary plunge.

Right here are solutions to common questions about which running devices are nice (mac or PC), the lifespan of computer systems, and 10 symptoms that it is probably time to buy new hardware.

Whether mac or pc will last longer for you depends on your PC’s hardware. That being said, Apple has a positive recognition for presenting computers and PCs that remaining longer.

The toughness of a pc is a key difficulty for consumers. For a PC, the solution is extra complicated, as it offers greater capacity to personalize the additives than a computer does. For maximum computer pcs, you could assume a minimal three-year lifespan.

But, maximum computer systems live to tell the tale five to eight years, relying upon the upgrading components. Protection is also critical, as dirt could be very difficult for computer additives. Owners need to routinely upgrade software programs and preserve the machines lose from excessive dirt and particles.

Is a 7-year-old computer worth fixing?

No pc lasts forever, but to get the maximum out of your investment, you probably need to stretch its life out for so long as you could. Improvements and upkeep can deliver your device alongside for a decent quantity of time, but at a positive point, you are probably better off making an investment in a brand new computer rather than dribbling away from your cash on persevering with maintenance.

Eventually, each pc slows down—even if you’re using it for the precise same things you have been five years ago.

“Over the years, you’ll get home windows updates, or a new edition of macOS, and these things can weigh closely at the computer,” says joe Silverman, proprietor of the latest York pc assist. Even some of your apps will update themselves over the years, and the net pages you go to may additionally simply require more assets than they used to. (Take into account what the internet appeared like within the 90s?). When the machine slows to move slowly, you’ll need to chew the bullet and spend your money on something better.

Earlier than you shell out for a brand new set of ram although, you must discern out what’s inflicting the slowdown. This may tell you whether or not you need an alternative, or you’ll locate it profitable to eke out more time with an incremental restore or upgrade.

Your computer consists of multiple components, each with its specific cause. Anyone (or extra) of them might be inflicting your slowdowns or different issues. To make sure you spend your cash in the right region, you want to diagnose the supply of the problem.

First, ensure it isn’t a software program problem. “It’s constantly appropriate to run a plague or malware check, and make sure there are not any infections in the background,” says Silverman. You may also take a look at packages’ useful resource utilization: on a pc, open the windows project manager (hit ctrl+shift+esc) and click greater information; on a mac, open highlight (press command+space) and search for activity reveal alternatively. In case you see one application gobbling up all the CPU or ram, uninstalling it and changing it with an alternative may pace things up.

“Take a look at the operating gadget, too—there may be corruption somewhere,” says Silverman. “In case you haven’t reinstalled the working gadget in 5 years, it is probably time.”

If you can’t slim the difficulty right down to simply one program—or the problem lies with a crucial one, like your web browser—then you could want to improve your hardware. At some point of the following slow down, open up that same assignment manager, head to the performance tab, and observe your CPU and reminiscence utilization. If either of these graphs indicates especially excessive, sustained utilization, you know which component likely requires an improvement.

It’s also viable that considered one of your additives is failing absolutely. “Does a difficult pressure test with software like HD tune, which has a free trial,” says Silverman. “It’s going to permit you to understand how sluggish or ordinary a number of the study-write activities are, and in case your difficult pressure is failing.” I also like crystal disk info, which isn’t as thorough as HD music, however, will come up with a basic, clean idea of your difficult pressure’s fitness without cost.

Whilst you’re running via capacity hassle regions, take a look at your ram as nicely. “Failing ram should cause slowness, however, it could also stop your PC from turning on, or it could close down randomly,” says Silverman. “so run a RAM take a look at like memtest so that it will check each stick and see if it’s suitable or not. When you have a terrible stick, you want to make sure you replace it.”

Once you narrow down the trouble to a particular thing or two, you’ll be able to higher goal your repairs.

It’d be first-rate if we should let you know exactly what to do whilst your restore or alternative can have a selected cost. However, it’s tough to give hard numbers that apply to every person. That’s why it enables us to carry out diagnostics.

In preferred, in case you know a single issue bears the blame for slowing down your pc, upgrading that element can in all likelihood extend your machine’s lifespan through some years. If a variety of additives are suffering to keep up, you’re running on borrowed time. In that case, you’re probably better off buying a brand new pc.


in case you are looking into shopping for a low-priced gaming and productiveness pc with above-average performance rankings, the CyberPowerPC gamer extremely gua3120cpg is a notable preference primarily based on our enjoy.

cyber power does a less expensive version similar to this-the CyberPower gamer extremely gua3100a. But, we without a doubt cannot suggest you select that one over the CyberPowerPC gamer extremely gua3120cpg simply to keep 50 greenbacks for a slower CPU and older GPU.

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