cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme vr gxivr8500a gaming pc
  • Intel Core i5-9400F Processor | 2.9GHz 6-Core | Intel B360 Chipset
  • 120GB Solid State Drive SSD | 1TB HDD | 8GB DDR4 SDRAM
  • NVidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB Graphics Videos Card | 1x DisplayPort
  • 2x USB 2.0 | 6x USB 3.1 | 1x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | 1x HDMI
  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit Genuine | RGB 7 colors gaming mouse | Audio 7.1 channel | Wi-Fi 802.11ac

The CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXIVR8500A play PC is partner with ability made, spending plan disapproved of passage level gaming PC. It sparkles for its reasonable selection of segments, connecting with fabricate quality, respectable amount of ports, and execution advantage. Simply put, it’s an expertly fabricated stage for gaming and one that sells at a sensible cost.

The CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR is advanced for gaming, and is additionally VR prepared. The Intel CPU and High Performance GPU gives the PC the crude force it needs to work at a significant level. Added on, the high velocity memory and huge hard drive gives the CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR all the space expected to just zero in on gaming.

It’s the leading time ever to be taking part in computer recreations, however you’d just like the finest diversion pc to be ready to need advantage of it. Gratefully, there are over variety of choices accessible notably presently that there are additional producers churning out prebuilt frameworks. And therefore, the finest portion is, within the event that you simply don’t shrewdness to construct it yourself, you don’t get to be learn the way to try and do it since there’s someone else out there doing the snort work.

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I am keen on cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme vr gxivr8500a gaming pc review for being that sort of producer. The cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme vr gxivr8500a gaming pc review diversion computer audit that gives for fewer than DIY costs

The CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR is enhanced for gaming, and is moreover VR prepared. The Intel CPU and Tall Execution GPU offers the laptop the uncooked manipulate it should paintings at a tall level. Included on, the tall pace reminiscence and massive tough force offers the cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme vr gxivr8500a gaming pc all of the area required to because it has been middle on gaming.

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cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme vr gxivr8500a gaming pc


In our cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme vr gxivr8500a gaming pc review, actually like any remaining gaming PCs, accompanies a standard pinnacle skeleton fitted with an Intel B360 chipset. The dimensions of this PC is 18.5 x 7.9 x 17.9 inches, weighs 26.4 pounds. This next gaming PC accompanies RGB lighting. It has four cooling fans. To make your framework look greater, this PC offers RGB lighting that is handily constrained by programming. You won’t track down any optical drive in this PC. 6x USB 3.1and 2x USB 2.0 outer contributions, alongside earphone and receiver jacks, is accessible in this best gaming PC.

The machine’s inward segments are open through a separable side board, that is in a bad way by thumbscrews, beat give an instrument less approach to get to the inside parts. When you clear the colored glass board, you have get to the motherboard, strong state drive, Smash, and configuration card. The control supply and troublesome drive are housed behind the metal side board on the opposite side.

With a colored glass, the Gamer looks wipe when energized off. At the point when turned on, there’s a package inside the unit to keep you empowered, stretching out from the RGB backdrop illumination all through the case, to the fluid cooed processor. Link work is extraordinary, which keeps things clean and has an effect with wind stream.

The colored glass incorporates a couple of gaming flair to the all-around plan, with parts of features to like inside the arrangement, checking a threesome of shadings on the front board and RGB backdrop illumination all through the case. Link work is astonishing, and the breeze current vents are deliberately put over the total body.

cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme vr gxivr8500a gaming pc


As far as execution, this cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme vr gxivr8500a gaming pc reviews can be wonderful. It is helped with the ninth period Intel Center i5-9400F processor. You may get 8GB DDR4 SDRAM, a 120GB SSD, and a 1TB HDD with this brilliant PC. For the predominant gaming experience for the customer, it accompanies the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 video card with 6GB memory. In-assembled Wi-Fi and a 500W control supply unit is also remembered for this machine. It offers predominant delight support and lower latencies. You won’t experience the lessening down issue though using this PC.

Despite the way that CyberPowerPC charges the Gamer Xtreme as a gaming PC, it’s easy to envision little business owners and homegrown customers getting it for productivity tasks given the machine’s decisions for top of the line processors and plan. Our refreshed studies arrangement ships with a ninth era Intel processor, however to keep the expense more sensible, the Gamer tops out with an Intel Center i5-9400F rather than the top of the line Center i9-9900K on the lead iBUYPOWER Professional Follow 9240 unit.

Our unit includes a quick 120GB NVMePCIe SSD strong state drive combined with a bigger 1TB hard drive to house bigger records. While 120GB isn’t the best we’ve seen on a gaming PC, we actually like its essence at this value point, conveying quick 1,249 MB/sec read and 1,012 MB/s compose speeds. The two drives and the 8GB of RAM are effectively upgradable should you wind up requiring more space for your game records and different archives.

With faster, splendidly, multi-center development that applies getting ready control where it’s required most, Intel Center i5 processors pass on a marvelous forward leap in PC execution. You’ll perform multiple tasks applications speedier and release mind blowing modernized media creation. Also, you’ll inclusion most outrageous execution for all that you are doing.

In certifiable use utilizing the Gamer Xtreme for web perusing, moderate photograph altering, and hefty usefulness errands, most shoppers will see the value in the presentation support with the Gamer’s Core i5 processor. More serious assignment, for example, video encoding may require more opportunity to finish, however it’s inside the upper-range for spending work area PCs.

In everyday execution, the Gamer Xtreme can deal with efficiency well, never faltering or easing back down. Need to have 10 YouTube recordings playing while at the same time streaming a Hulu Original, or performing various tasks with 15 Chrome tabs open? This work area will deal with a strained situation like that fine and dandy.


Since the Gamer tops with a GTX 1660 plan as opposed to an upgraded RTX 2080 card, you will not be discovering a USB-C harbor here, making it less future-verification, yet a certify course of action for the expense. Regardless of the way that the GTX 1660 passes on adequate control to drive computer generated reality headsets, its latest kinfolk the RTX 2080 consolidates a USB-C harbor, which means it can exploit the single Virtual Link connecter. For by and by, you’ll had the opportunity to do with various links to drive your headset.

To stay aware of its gaming family, the Gamer boats with abundance of ports to catch all your 1x peripherals. The front ports, accessible on the best of the case, consolidate 6x USB-A 3.1 ports, sound and headphone jacks, and a control button. Around the back, there’s a without a doubt more solid group of ports, checking six USB ports, ethernet jack, two endowment PS/2 ports to suit your more prepared mouse and control center affiliations, sound and headphone jacks, and video yield ports, tallying DisplayPort and HDMI affiliations.


This best gaming PC accompanies a traditional troublesome plate drive of 1TB (HDD) for mass limit space and a valuable strong state drive of 120GB (SSD) for speed. You may experience bother free and speedy gaming with this structure. The twofold limit drives of this machine put it underneath the top decision gaming PC. You may see the difference in stacking time with this structure. The not all that awful amount of room gives its fast taking care of feature.


The GXiVR8060A8 goes with 8GB of DDR4, 2400MHz SDRAM. The majority of the customers overall ensure that this shows up in a 2 x 4GB arrangement with another two spaces free on the motherboard. As referred to inside the Motherboard divide over, most pre-built systems in this scope don’t state which show or brand is used. The 8GB space should be satisfactory for gaming and most work range enrolling tasks. It is truly smallest by the present principles that will confine the proportion of performing various tasks you’ll be capable perform. Fortunately, a move up to 16GB and 32GB would be phenomenally direct appreciation to the two free spaces on the motherboard, which most customers are examining.

Wi-Fi connectivity

The PC accompanies 802.11AC Wi-Fi Connector, which, as exhibited by the thing, such as, which you’ll be capable easily use with a 5GHz Wi-Fi alliance. This appears as notwithstanding the way that it used to be a USB module decision; nevertheless, it appears at have been revived to an in-gathered card that interfaces to the motherboard. Be without question that parts may differ startling upon accessibility, so if the sort of connector things to you, look for more heading from cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme vr gxivr8500a gaming pc review concerning what is coming up. The maker has in addition promoted a RJ-45 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet (LAN) port is open on the motherboard. Coordinate sharp, this thing is stacked with USB ports. You may get 6x USB 3.1 and 2x USB 2.0, the entirety of which, close by the arrangement limit, proposes it’s VR organized.

VR and Gaming

The unit’s entrance level GTX 1660 Ti configuration card keeps this machine decidedly inside the prospect of fan gamers, who don’t need more state-of-the-art features like features like constant bar following and significant learning super analyzing (DLSS). Surrendering these advancements to hit a cheaper sounds like a triumphant method for NVidia.

In truth, the TU116 GPU raises the location of reasonable how moo NVidia will go with its generally cutting-edge Turing plan. The 1660 Ti speeds things help by joining Turing’s made progress shaders, a bound together store designing for adaptable concealing that supplement video encoder/decipher speeding up features. The outcome is TU116 chip that is less fatty yet with a rundown of judgments that underscores the present beat titles.

GeForce GTX 16-series designs cards are controlled by Pascal to convey up to 3x the exhibition of past age illustrations cards, in addition to creative new gaming advancements and advancement gaming encounters. The blend of GeForce GTX GPUs and NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers convey the quick exhibition and low inertness needed for an astounding gaming experience.

The CYBERPOWERPC Gamer GXiVR8500A is charged as a gaming PC, so it better be capable than play present day titles. What’s more, it does exactly that! The system accompanies NVidia’s GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (6GB), however you get another plan a similar base show with – the Gamer GXiVR8500A that features a GTX 1660 GPU, and any remaining specs stay something similar. Both are equipped GPUs, disregarding the way that the 1660Ti will give you with a basic augmentation in diagram rate.


What graphics card does a CyberPowerPC have?

Post Game scom 2018 and the statement of NVidia’s 20-series representations cards, makers and custom PC manufacturers are moving quickly to join NVIDIA’s unused beam following (RT) advancement into their systems. Available from CyberPowerPC, these systems will use RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti representations cards, with 2070 models in a little while to take after sooner or later in October. Illustrated for cutting edge gaming, the RTX 20-series GPUs are based on NVIDIA’s Turing designing and feature dedicated RT focuses and for sure AI abilities with Profound Learning Super Testing (DLSS).

NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX passes on the outrageous PC gaming experience. Energized by the advanced NVIDIA Turing™ GPU plan and the reformist RTX stage, RTX representations cards unite constant bar following, counterfeit bits of knowledge, and programmable concealing. Regularly an aggregate better way to deal with association entertainments.

In extension to execution updates, 20-series representations cards fuse gear back for USB Type-C and Virtual Connect, an open industry standard made for a solitary link game plan for VR headsets.

NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX passes on the outrageous PC gaming experience. Energized by the advanced NVIDIA Turing™ GPU plan and the reformist RTX stage, RTX representations cards unite constant bar following, counterfeit bits of knowledge, and programmable concealing. Regularly an aggregate better way to deal with association entertainments.

With regards to cutting edge gaming, everything’s about authenticity. GeForce RTX is light a very long time in front of different cards, conveying genuinely extraordinary constant beam following innovations for bleeding edge, hyper-sensible illustrations.

Beside the GPUs, this CyberPowerPC Gaming Xtreme VR Gaming PC is worked with Intel® and AMD processors, DDR4 memory, and a collection of limit game plans tallying HDDs and SSDs. A couple of systems additionally consolidate Intel® Optane™ Memory, which is non-unpredictable and goes about as reserve to expand structure execution and responsiveness. To go with the hardware, these PCs are excessively worked with gaming feel, incorporating cases with treated glass sheets and RGB Driven lighting.

Likewise, better quality structures are outfitted with liquid cooling to help keep temperatures reasonable and expect choking. For your solace, all CyberPowerPC systems incorporate a USB gaming control center and mouse, so you’ll be capable get started as after a short time as possible.

How do I speed up CyberPowerPC?

To start with, we need to comprehend why we have slow digital force Pc

  • You may have a great deal of projects that you don’t utilize or possibly you have numerous startup programs that can hinder the framework
  • Your windows are not refreshed or possibly you have trashes more than you might suspect
  • It additionally relies upon your equipment likewise like your R.A.M or your processor
  • You may have an infection or some program is causing this issue
  • You may have some infection that is making the PC moderate

Uninstall program to fix Slow Cyberpower pc

  • Exclude all undesirable program and their extra documents from your PC
  • Eliminate the undesirable toolbar’s from the program that you don’t use in your program
  • Handicap all startup programs that you don’t utilize they moderate your PC.

Update the Hardware of your digital force PC

  • You can redesign the R.A.M for better speed of your Slow Cyberpower PC.
  • You can utilize a prepared lift choice utilizing your glimmer drive and get a quick Cyberpower PC.

Check for the Virus in your cyberpowerpc

You can utilize an antivirus program to sweep and eliminate the infection and undesirable throws out of your PC. For example, AVG antivirus, Norton, Avast and many more.


By seeing all features of this gaming PC, we have discovered this as an overall champ. The GXiVR8500A keeps with CyberpowerPC’s remaining of remarkable execution respect for cash with this GXiVR8500A strategy, and we are satisfied to see moves up to the plans card and processor that will guarantee this PC will remain important for quite a while to come.

CyberpowerPCs GXiVR8500A could be a mind boggling decide for a gaming work area that will allow you to play at Full HD goals with most extreme/high settings and still get great framerates, and is totally VR arranged. The competent plan card and processor will stay significant for various quite a while to come and the whole structure together gives astounding execution regard for cash.

Albeit weighty gaming at 4K goals may push its cutoff points and the case’s breeze stream isn’t the most, magnificent this cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme vr gxivr8500a gaming pc review looks unprecedented and might be a solid decision in this expense section for gamers of any level.

On the off chance that you’re an obliging or true blue gamer trusting to play at full HD objectives at the preeminent astounding settings without wrangling framerates, generally the prebuilt elective for you. Regardless of specific reports of unprotected case wind current inciting likely expanded warming of parts, insightful customers can beyond question screen this to guarantee it doesn’t shape into a more noteworthy issue, so we in reality by and by suggest this as a strong purchase for gamer of any level trusting to buy in this regard run.

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