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CyberpowerPC Syber SM202 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse
4.6/5.0 Ratings


  • Sturdy and durable: The Syber SM202 has a tick life of more than 5 million ticks | enough to stay aware of the most outrageous gamers.
  • 6 lighting modes: Numerous modes from all on to more interesting modes like neon | monochrome breathing, and significantly more.
  • High resolution gaming: Up to 12400 DPI with 500/1000/2000/3000/6200 DPI exchanging.
  • Ergonomic plan: The Syber SM202 mouse Features an ergonomic appearance plan with agreeable feel and adaptable activity.
  • Large scale support: Upholds large scale altering and Mouse Memory of 5 gatherings of UI settings, which can be straightforwardly called by any PC through exceptional buttons for fast exchanging.
  • Network Technology: USB

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My personal experience with cyberpower mouse dpi | Is it good or not?

Remember that I used Cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse dpi for 5 months and then shared the review and advantages with you.

This mouse is excellent in terms of use, works very well on the surface, is light in weight and also has a perfect match and fit in the hand. But after opening the box, I did not like its lights, but I decided to use it once and check it out.

But as soon as I turned on this mouse and connected it to my PC, its beautiful lights made it very beautiful and brilliant and I was very happy that my money was not wasted.

What is gaming optical mouse dpi

DPI is a term that many people don’t know what it means. Cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse dpi stands for dots per inch, and it refers to the sensitivity of your device. When you install any software or game on your computer, you will notice that there are two different types of settings: one for low DPI and one for high DPI. What do they mean? In this article we’ll discuss just that!

Cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse dpi

The cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse dpi is an overall head of custom gaming work areas, custom gaming PCs, little structure viewpoint PCs, work area workstations, 4k gaming frameworks, and syber gaming consoles. The cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse dpi are collected inside the USA with careful interest to detail and phenomenal cost. Our resolve to high magnificent gaming laptops has acquired us a portion of the business’ most esteemed honors from famed media guides – maximum, PC gamer, tomshardware, anandtech, and that’s just the beginning. Assemble your fantasy PC with cyberpowerpc.

It is an important factor in determining the accuracy of your mouse. Cyberpowerpc gaming optical mice are available with up to 16.000 DPI; this means that you can move the cursor much more precisely than if your mouse only has 800 DPI or 1000 DPI. The higher the number, the better precision you will have!.

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Everything of the superb mouse turned out to be carefully planned with a solitary goal in considerations: triumph. Co-created with more than 100 of the world’s super serious gamers, the excellent mouse has a battle tried structure, hyper-durable light-weight design, finished matte completion and esports prepared sensor.

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The Cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse is a high quality, professional grade peripheral that will help you have an edge in your games. Cyberpowerpc has been manufacturing top of the line mice for over 10 years and their expertise really shows with this model. The some greatest benefits of owning a Cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse are as follows:

  • There is more accuracy when using the Cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse because it tracks movement on almost any surface efficiently.
  • It has a sleek design which is attractive to those who want to show off their high-end equipment.
  • The Cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse can be customized by adjusting sensitivity settings which provide precision control during gameplay.

Furnish yourself with the Syber RGB star, a lightweight resistance grade gaming mouse ready with a drag-diminishing adaptable paracord link and very responsive quick strike buttons.

The accompanying development in the Syber SM202 programming is here, transforming your entire arrangement directly into a strong, completely vivid environment with natural oversees. The smooth, staggering gentle ring will convey your build a side in adjustable style.

The sensor’s liquid and responsive following gives gamers progressed precision. With nearby dpi up 16k you’ll find your optimal putting.

The cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse dpi switches appraised for 5 million ticks give fresh material remarks and give you preeminent self-conviction to your bits of feedbacks. Cause a single tick to do the canvases of numerous and allocate macros to the programmable buttons.

Without trouble customize lighting apparatuses results, set dpi, and program buttons with hype ingenuity programming. Shop up to three profiles to your pulse fire flood and component your arrangement prepared to move, even on the cross. The pulse fire flood’s huge skates consider smoother, better floating. The durable plaited link flexes to take into consideration smooth development.

The interesting plan of the Prestige OM Switch use neodymium magnets to convey the most predictable fresh snaps – evaluated for 100M snaps, up to 5x longer than contest. Matched with an info light emission light, each snap registers at quantum speeds.

Looking for an unrivaled degree of customization and client characterized settings? From first individual shooters to Vast, open-world RPG’s, the Syber SM202 gaming mouse gives a definitive PC gaming experience. With fantastic accuracy and exactness, shading and style alternatives, and a profound degree of personalization, this mouse takes any players gaming experience to a higher level, in style.

Empowering complete command over your gadgets set up to five distinct profiles for mouse speed, lighting, and button setups. Effectively oversee macros, set your DPI affectability, and control RGB.

The DPI button allows you physically to switch between four unique DPI settings on the fly and pick the right speed for some random game and play style.

Modify the mouse with 16.8 million shading choices and different lighting impacts for a wonderful light show directly around your work area through the G-Tools programming.

Known for its clinical grade gadgets around the world, Syber SM202 has created switches that are prepared to do in excess of 5 million ticks in its life expectancy.

Pulse fire Haste is worked with a honeycomb shell that makes the mouse lighter than a strong shell mouse, weighing only 99.79g, without forfeiting sturdiness.The open lattice configuration likewise considers better ventilation and wind current.

Looking for an unmatched degree of customization and client characterized settings? From first-individual shooters to immense, open-world RPG’s, the cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse dpi gives a definitive PC gaming experience.

With inconceivable accuracy and exactness, shading and style choices, and a profound degree of personalization, this mouse takes any players gaming experience to a higher level, in style. Programmable with up to 5 diverse one of kind clients’ settings, this mouse is amazing for the gamer that has an alternate play style between gaming classes or the liberal gamer who shares their darling set-up with others. Furthermore, lighting tone and conduct choices can be altered to improve each gaming experience. Get the cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse dpi today!

The HyperFlex USB Cable is produced using light, adaptable paracord material intended to diminish strain and opposition for simpler mouse development.

These switches give strong, fulfilling clicks so you’ll realize that they’re being enlisted. They additionally include an enemy of residue covering, and are appraised for up to 5 million ticks.

The low-contact 100% PTFE skates assist with giving a simple, easy coast to make the mouse more responsive. There’s additionally a substitution set of skates remembered for case they wear out.

For individuals who incline toward a bit more control and solace, hold tape is incorporated for the side of the mouse and both left and right mouse buttons.

3 Tips to Improve Your Gaming Skills with a New Optical Mouse

We all have our favorite pastime, whether it’s reading a good book or playing video games. When you are really into your game, having the right equipment can make all the difference. One piece of equipment that many gamers overlook is an optical mouse. This article will provide 3 tips to improve your gaming skills with a new optical mouse!

Find a Mouse that Feels Right: One of the most important things to consider when you’re looking for an optical mouse is how it feels in your hand. You want something light, but substantial enough so you don’t feel as if it will slip from your grip easily. If you have been using a traditional ball mouse, your hand will need to adjust when you switch over.

Improve Your Accuracy with DPI Settings: One of the biggest benefits that an optical mouse can provide is improved accuracy in tracking movement on a computer screen because it doesn’t rely on using ball bearings like traditional mice do. Many gaming mice also come equipped with adjustable settings for DPI, which can improve accuracy even more.

Improve Your Speed with Fast Tracking: Optical mice are also known for their ability to track movement at high speeds without any lag or stuttering in the cursor’s movement on your screen This will allow you to take advantage of fast movements and accurate targeting while playing your game!

3 Things You Need to Know About DPI

In the world of printing, DPI stands for dots per inch. In order to fully understand 5 Things You Need to Know About DPI, it is important to first know what a printer actually does. A printer takes a digital file and converts into something that can be seen on paper or other media. There are five things you should know about this process:

(1) What is DPI? | What is DPI on a mouse?

DPI stands for dots per inch. DPI is a measurement of the resolution on a printer or display monitor, and it can be measured in ppi (pixels per inch) or dpi. What exactly does that mean? It means that if your monitor displays at 100 dpi, then you are able to see one pixel by 1 inch. What’s so important about this number? The higher the number, the clearer an image will look to the viewer

DPI is the measurement used to measure the sensitivity of the mouse measured in terms of the amount of DPI (dots per inch) that a device is able to detect. By altering the DPI, you can quickly adjust the speed of your mouse to accomplish precise tasks like in-game targeting, or editing photos. The higher the number of DPIs, higher the mouse’s sensitivity and the quicker the speed of the pointer. Certain models of mice have specific buttons (DPI On-the-fly buttons) which you can utilize to instantly alter your mouse’s sensitiveness (DPI).

(2) Low DPI Mouse VS High DPI Mouse

We will discuss low DPI mouse vs. high DPI mouse, low DPI mouse guide and one for high DPI mice in this article. What is low-DPI? Low-DPI (or dots per inch) refers to resolution of the screen that you are viewing or displaying on your monitor. It’s also sometimes called “pixel density.” A low pixel density means that there are less pixels in a given area than with a higher pixel density; therefore, what you see on your display will be smaller than if you were using a device with a higher pixel density.

Other low DPI mouse guide and one for high DPI mice. If you are using a low-DPI device, it is recommended to use an application that allows you to set the cursor size of your mouse pointer. This will allow users with low-resolution displays (such as people who have vision problems) adjust their PC’s display so that it is easier for them to see.

(3) How do I find my DPI setting?

The DPI, or dots per inch, is the measurement of how many dots can be fit into an inch. How do you find your DPI mouse setting? The quickest way to find your DPI setting is through Windows Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointer Options -> Tracking Speed. If you are using a custom program for your mouse settings, then it will have its own option in the Preferences menu.

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How do you check your DPI?

As of the time at the time of writing, there’s not a specific Windows 10 application for checking your DPI , which is part of the OS itself. This is a problem because a lot of people want the most precise and straightforward knowledge of their mouse’s DPI.

Don’t be discouraged -there are plenty of ways to find out the DPI you’re using. Follow the steps below to find and then make adjustments to your mouse’s DPI.

Method 1: Examine the specifications of the manufacturer.

This technique is mostly applicable to mice that have been branded. Major brands will list their products on websites which includes a complete set of specifications and pictures. It is usually used to attract customers however, it may aid those who have already purchased the product.

In this instance we’ll look at the Razer Mamba Elite mouse, and we’ll find its DPI. This is the same process to all mouse models, but certain manufacturers do not have websites or information regarding their products.

  1. Go to the manufacturer’s site. In our instance we went onto the official Razer website.
  2. Utilize our inbuilt Search engine to locate models of the mouse you have.
  3. Find on the specific technical requirements and verify the DPI count on the site.

If you’re unable to find you mouse in the manufacturer’s website, we recommend calling support for customers. A lot of brands provide support via email or by phone.

Method 2. Use Microsoft Paint

It may seem as a way to figure out your DPI but it’s a good idea. Because MS Paint comes with the capability of determining the exact pixel that your cursor is in it is possible to conduct some testing to determine an approximate measure of the DPI.

  1. Start Microsoft Paint by looking for it on your taskbar or in your list of programs.
  2. Adjust your zoom to 100 100%..
  3. Choose a Brush tool and then place your cursor in the middle left side of the display. In the lower left the first row, the number should be the number 0.
  4. Click your left click, and shift your mouse 3 inches. While your mouse is still stationary take a look at the first number at the lower left corner and write it down.
  5. Repeat the process repeatedly, then identify what is the mean of every measurement. This is the DPI.

Method 3: Set up the proper mouse drivers

The majority of computer mouse models come with their own driver software. This lets you completely modify the way that the device behaves regardless of whether it comes with additional buttons or features.

Installing the correct mouse driver will allow you to test your DPI. For this example, we’ll be using an official Trust GXT Rivan RGB Gaming Mouse to illustrate this.

  1. Go to the manufacturer’s site. In our instance we went directly to the Trust website.
  2. Make use of your Search engine to locate your item.
  3. Find a section that allows you that allows you to Download the driver application first, and then select the operating system you want to use.
  4. Download your driver, and then launch the program. You should be able find a section devoted to DPI settings. This will allow you to check what is the DPI that your mouse is.

Note Take note that not all manufacturers or mouse comes with its own driver software. It’s always worth checking for the possibility of having to customize your mouse.

What is the normal DPI for a gaming mouse?

DPI means “Dots per inch” or pixels per inch. DPI will decide how far the cursor moves per inch of mouse development. For instance, 1600 DPI implies that for every last trace of mouse development, the cursor moves 1600 pixels. The lower the DPI, the less delicate the mouse is. This implies that in case you’re working with a higher DPI mouse, in any event, moving your mouse even a smidgen will move the cursor an enormous distance across your screen.

The normal mouse these days has a DPI of 1600, and gaming mice will in general have 4000 DPI or more.

DPI is not quite the same as the regular mouse affectability setting. DPI alludes to a mouse’s equipment capacities, while affectability is only a product setting.

While firmly related, DPI and a mouse’s affectability isn’t exactly the same thing. DPI alludes to the actual mouse’s capacities, and affectability is a product setting. An inferior quality mouse set to a high affectability would just make your development harsh and off base.

Alternately, a mouse with a high DPI matched with a low affectability setting will bring about precise, smooth development.

High DPI mice prove to be useful when managing a high-goal screen. Low goal screens don’t need a mouse with high DPI. On the off chance that for instance, you’re playing on a high goal screen, a high DPI mouse would permit you to easily get your cursor across the screen without moving your mouse to the limits of your mouse pad or work area.

There is no unmistakable ideal DPI setting, pick the DPI setting that you’re generally familiar with. By and large, whatever you’re playing at now will be your best setting; you’ve developed muscle memory at this setting if you know it.

You would like to abstain from playing at excessively high of a DPI, anything past 12000 is possible exorbitant, however more critically, a few sensors at this DPI speed up and copy the spots per inch, causing irregularities, it’s anything but a genuine crude DPI.

In case you’re attempting to improve, making little strides down in DPI is a decent practice; lower sensitivities give you more granular authority over your mouse and permit you to tweak your pointing, as long as you have the room around your work area to move your mouse around.

Is 1600 DPI good for FPS?

We should begin for certain fundamentals: higher mouse DPI implies that the cursor will move further with less actual development from your hands. The inverse is valid with lower DPI numbers—it requires significantly more work to get the cursor across the screen at 100 DPI than at 1000 DPI. As far as FPS games, your person will turn slower at low DPI numbers and quicker at high DPI numbers.

So what DPI is ideal? On paper it seems like players with higher DPI numbers would be at a benefit, however that is not in every case fundamentally the case. High DPI is extraordinary for character development, however an additional a delicate cursor makes exact pointing troublesome.

In the event that we use over watch for instance, a person with bunches of development choices like Lucio would profit from high DPI. Divider riding and making difficult maneuvers is a significant piece of playing him, so turning up the affectability bodes well.

Then again, an expert marksman character like Widow Maker requires consistent and cautious point. Low DPI takes into consideration more lively mousing for this situation, making it harder to coincidentally get your reticle off of your objective.

Due to the various jobs needed by numerous FPS games, there is nobody “right” DPI number. Everything comes down to feel. Things are muddied further by the way that most games incorporate their own affectability slider, implying that you’ll need to shuffle two distinct numbers to discover what turns out best for you. A typical benchmark utilized by numerous players is the “360 test,” where you measure the distance the mouse should go for your in-game person to do an entire 360 degree turn.

This can give a standard DPI number to you to begin with, trailed by exploring different avenues regarding in-game affectability numbers. There are some convenient online number crunchers that can smooth this cycle.

One more approach to track down the best DPI for you is to imitate the geniuses. is a data set that accumulates the settings that genius gamers use across a few games, including over watch.

Taking a gander at the rundown uncovers a ton of fascinating DPI data specifically that most over watch experts fall somewhere in the range of 800 and 1600 DPI. There are a couple of exceptions, as Muma from the Houston Outlaws at 2000 DPI and the San Francisco Shock’s IDDQD at 400 DPI, however most fall into that reach.

Where we see the most difference is in the in-game affectability settings. To make up for his low DPI, IDDQD has his affectability set at 7, while Muma combined his 2000 DPI with 4.3 affectability.

This load of numbers is decent, yet they can’t bear upping to a definitive test: really giving them a shot yourself. Since there’s nobody size-fits-all with regards to DPI, it will require a bit of testing to discover what feels best. DPI is absolutely a significant number to think about when looking for another gaming mouse, yet innovation has progressed far enough that you don’t have to spend large chunk of change on DPI alone.

Nowadays, even spending mice are able to do supportive of level DPI, and many even have committed buttons to change your numbers on the fly. While it is actually the case that there’s some sharp promoting rotating around DPI, and there aren’t any geniuses that utilization 16,000 DPI, it’s ideal to have the alternative.


The cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse dpi is by and large very emotional items to audit, in any case we can in any case report back on our impressions of such a gadget, remarking on its quality, highlight set and testing execution and with that in mind, SM202 is an extraordinary mouse.

From a visual stance SM202 embodies tech and gaming – bringing both of these substances together and framing a forceful and phenomenal gaming mouse. The Syber SM202mouse features an untroublesome appearance design with comfortable feel and flexible operation. By utilizing these materials we have an agreeable mouse and althoughSM202 might look complicated to the eye it holds a significant degree of ergonomics.

Customization is certainly the feature of SM202, on the grounds that there are various roads to meander down with this interesting mouse; through the product buttons can be arranged to the client’s inclination, the weight can be acclimated to suit and the palm rest cannot exclusively be traded yet can likewise have its stature adjusted to provide food for various styled grasps.

The cyberpowerpc gaming optical mouse dpi is considered the greatest gaming mouse and is highly recommended for the top gamers.

Hope, you’d find here what you wished, and let us know for further queries regarding this in the comment section given below.

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