Cyberpowerpc skorpion k2 CPSK304 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard-2022 | Complete review

cyberpowerpc gamig keyboard

Get a limit on opponents and play in style using the cyberpowerpc skorpion k2 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from CyberPowerPC. Featuring 16.8 million RGB tones and various Kontact Brown illuminated machine keys, this gaming console is intended to provide low resistance and switches with minimal knocks, making them suitable for both gaming and useful.

Counter ghosting keys help ensure accuracy and responsiveness during extreme sports meetings, and you can use the installed program to customize the lighting profile to best suit your style, game, or mood.

Lighting modes include shading dimming, key lighting, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can also use the product to customize macros and extract key skills to get amazing benefits.

The aluminum case of cyberpowerpc skorpion K2 offers a spotless, professional, and strong feel while the split hand rest provides extra comfort when playing or painting. This console works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

The mechanical control center uses a different type of key development to have a stronger and more unique design offering. The Kontact Brown switch has a legal binding of 55 g and provides a small knock when crushed; telling you the key is registered.

This can be useful for writing or arranging for changes of events even though they are being played. Unlike Kontact Blue switches, these do not have a component equipped to sound “press”, allowing for more stable operation. The tension created from this control center will come from the exit key and be positioned or “reach as low as possible” – connecting to the back plate behind a very heavy compressor.

PC Game Benchmark has thoroughly studied each of the player control centers opened on Amazon. We have overlooked a few small and medium-sized products, and we have sorted out the talk that seems to have USB cables and remote game consoles open for purchase right now – and this CyberpowerPC gaming console is fun enough to edit our 2022 program.

This current season is an amazing opportunity to purchase another PC gaming console. The console is an integral part of your gaming PC setup and the right one can have a huge impact on your general understanding.

There are consistent cyberpowerPC arrangements to have so there is no compelling reason to look to Black Friday 2022 for a decent gaming console. There is also great access to look out for. We track and display the most recent limits and whether they are accessible to Amazon Prime conveyance.

Responsive, open gaming console is very important when playing and that office console that accompanies your PC can keep you away from the importance of games on the web.

If you happen to be hoping for someone to drop someone off at Fortnite or Apex Legends, you do not need a soft, slightly responsive console that destroys your game. We recommend consoles for gaming consoles, with their clicking keys – however you may rely on quiet, low-profile, layer consoles. A few players like the gaming console and mouse combination – however there is no real benefit to collaborating on buying the same type of both of you.

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CYBERPOWERPC Skorpion K2 CPSK304 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Our Best Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Contact Black Mechanical Key Switches 
  • Bicolor Mold for Durable Keycaps 
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting 
  • 12 Keys (Including Macro Recording Key) 
  • Built-In Removable EZ Key Remover
  • Working Force: 60 15g 
  • Incitation: 2 0. 2mm 
  • Total Travel: 4mm
  • Similarity: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP


The Cyber ​​PowerPC Scorpion K2 Series is a fully automatic gaming console with a solid aluminum case that has a strong professional look and a cool to the touch. Our custom black communication switches are used for large direct switches without any knocking. They are designed to provide protection to enthusiastic typing publishers and to hold many renewed pressures. Accessed with 16 Million Color RGB, 104 Personal Backlight and 100% Enemy Guarantee Guaranteed accuracy during interactions, so, you won’t miss any key clicks under extreme gaming conditions.

CyberPowerPC Scorpion K2 is one of the leading PC architecture makers in the country. With a vision, responsibility, and strong assurance, It build and distribute excellent quality gaming equipment, scratch systems and long-term facilities to meet the attractive needs of gamers, organizations, government agencies, information guides and unique end clients. CyberPowerPC Scorpion K2 was developed for two important purposes in acumen. It is to provide customers with both customized art forms at wholesale cost and extensive creative assistance.

Clicky and Tactile Mechanical Switches

The CyberPowerPC SKORPION Series of mechanical consoles includes our CP Kontact ™ Blue Key Mechanical Switches aimed at Low Resistance in the Force Feedback tick style and qualifications for using gaming at an unimaginable cost to CyberPowerPC customers only.

The Unused CyberPowerPC Skorpion K2 RGB Mechanical Gaming Console is a continuation of our first class K1 course and from now on offers a smooth unused setting with the same Kontact ™ Blue Mechanical Key.

Basic Design, Insert Rich

The CyberPowerPC Skorpion K2 Arrangement may be a fully automatic gaming console with a solid bone structure mixed with aluminum for a strong, powerful visual effect of cool to the touch. Working with our Kontact ™ Custom green switches can be a light, transparent, clickable control center switch. Available with 16 Million Color RGB, 104 Person key backdroplight and 100% enemy accuracy of ghost warranty during interaction so as not to miss any basic keystrokes certainly under key play conditions.

It’s orderly

A built-in PC program that gives you license to select specific tones throughout the control center or key keys, to make macros, to send key restrictions or to browse a list of predefined settings.


The Skorpion K2 game system incorporates adjustable light effects with predefined options or individual key system. In addition, it includes a restable wrist rest. RGB’s Clean and Beautiful Personal Lighting allows you to choose the setting to simplify your building or your personality and the lighting that illuminates the subtle impact of your current situation is to see the most common in empty spaces.

  • RGB Lightening
  • Wired Connectivity Technology
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  • Attractive Charming Black color
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The cyberpowerpc scorpion k2 is definitely a traditional gaming structures’ image and a guaranteed and solid one too. The association has put a liberal level of oversight between the client and the social affair accumulates. Both the pre-gathered and the exclusively made PCs by CYBERPOWERPC offer phenomenal execution without making a scratch in your wallet. On the off chance that you’re one for PC entertainments and custom PCs that answer that is cyberpowerpc scorpion k2 useful for gaming, might be a splendid decision.

With everything taken into account, we would get to go over what we said almost promptly in this article: typically a strong association that passes on wonderful things, using the best hardware open and you’ll be capable thoroughly trust them. They are a not that entire terrible brand concerning exceptionally created gaming PCs. For help requests, remove the remarks.

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