Cyberpowerpc tracer iii 15.6 laptop – 2022 | Review And Guide

cyberpowerpc tracer iii 15.6 laptop

System: Intel i7-8750H 2.2GHz 6-Core | Intel HM370 Chipset | 8GB DDR4 | 240GB M.2 SSD | Genuine Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
Designs: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4GB video card | FHD IPS Anti-Glare 15.6″ LED Display | Audio: 2.1 Digital Surround Sound Stereo Speakers
Availability: 1x HDMI | 2x Mini DisplayPort | 1x USB 2.0 | 2x USB 3.1 | 1x USB Type C | 1x RJ-45 organization Ethernet 10/100/1000 | 802.11 AC Wi-Fi | Bluetooth 5.0 | 2-in-1 Card Reader
Distinct feature: Programmable RGB Mechanical Keyboard and Click pad
1 Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Toll Free Tech Support Services


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CyberPowerPC gaming systems are the decision of top gamers all over the place, from master esports players to genius decorations. Nonetheless, despite the fact that it’s utilized by awesome, it’s worked for pretty much every gamer out there. We challenge you to get on our Level. Allow us to give you the instruments to take you to top. Each game you overwhelm, each level you crush, each rivalry you win, we need to be a piece of that consistently.

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Taking serious work area gaming to gaming workstations, the Tracer III Series is smaller yet amazing versatile gaming PC. Controlled by the all new eighth Gen Intel i7-8750H processor, the cyberpowerpc tracer iii offers a smooth current aluminum plan and loaded with elite parts to handle any game. The Tracer III gaming PC includes a far reaching 15.6″ FHD IPS Non-Reflective presentation that gets up to a great 1920×1080 screen goal controlled by the all new NVIDIA GeForce GTX illustrations processor intended to convey a work area level gaming experience. The Tracer III likewise includes an entire 16 Million shading RGB and a 2K HDMI yields for high goal gaming.

This framework has been tried to meet the necessities to help VR gaming for both the HTC VIVE with Steam VR and the Oculus Rift VR. Augmented Reality gaming is the following advancement in gaming and CyberPowerPC frameworks are prepared to present to you the vivid experience that VR has to bring to the table. VR equipment and extras show here excluded and sold independently.

Separate limits and step into your game with illustrations more staggering than any other time with the new DirectX 12 innovation. Windows 10’s API is outfitted with new provisions that will give faster handling progressively to create higher FPS and more extravagant illustrations just as diminished force utilization to play longer.

The Tracer III series includes a standard mechanical console which incorporates numeric keys for 10 key activities. It additionally includes drafted RGB backdrop illumination for enlightened game play. It’s really thin structure factor keeps the PC flimsy and light weight without forfeiting the vibe of a genuinely mechanical console.

The cyberpowerpc tracer iii is suggested by and the decision of top groups and players in each major cutthroat esports gaming title. It’s the authority gaming arrangement of such expert gaming associations as Team Solomid and top star decorations including Summit1G, Trick2G, ImaQTPie and numerous others.

CyberPowerPC specially makes construct PCs, fundamentally for gamers. That can be an extreme group to if it’s not too much trouble, yet CyberPowerPC’s quick, dependable frameworks are creating fulfilled, steadfast clients. It’s indeed setting a norm among Windows-based work area PC brands, getting the most elevated appraisals for in general fulfillment (8.8), fulfillment with dependability (8.9), and probability to suggest (8.4, attached with Asus). Among CyberPowerPC work areas sold for home use, the evaluations were far better: generally fulfillment and probability to suggest were 9.0, and fulfillment with unwavering quality was 9.1. The organization additionally acquires a Readers’ Choice Award for Home Desktop PCs.

The Tracer III includes a HDMI yields for high goal gaming and all the network inputs you’ll at any point need including the all new USB 3.1 Type-C.

High goal 1920×1080 IPS FHD LED show gives you fresh and energetic gaming designs so you can partake in your games the manner in which it’s intended to be played whenever and anyplace.

The cyberpowerpc tracer iii highlights a standard console which incorporates numeric keys for 10 key activities. It likewise includes drafted RGB backdrop illumination for enlightened game play.

Indeed, even with its light and slender profile there is no sacrifice in execution. The Tracer III gaming laptop includes a broad 15.6″ FHD IPS Non-Reflective presentation that gets up to a noteworthy 1920×1080 screen goal and 144Hz revive rate for master level gaming. This fueled by the all new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 illustrations processor intended to convey a work area level gaming experience.

Windows 10 brings back the Start Menu from Windows 7 and presents new components, similar to the Edge Web program that lets you markup Web pages on your screen.

Reams of high-data transfer capacity DDR4 RAM to flawlessly runs your illustrations laptop games and video-altering applications, just as various projects and program tabs at the same time.

While offering less extra room than a hard drive, a glimmer based SSD has no moving parts, bringing about quicker beginning up occasions and information access, no commotion, and decreased warmth creation and force draw on the battery.

Interface with a Wireless-AC switch for almost 3x the speed, more limit and more extensive inclusion than Wireless-N. In reverse viable with any remaining Wi-Fi organizations and areas of interest with Gigabit Ethernet LAN port.

The cyberpowerpc tracer iii gaming laptop offers all the presentation of work area gaming framework that fits into a laptop. Its high-goal show gives you fresh and energetic gaming, so you can partake in your game the manner in which it is intended to be played whenever and anyplace.

cyberpowerpc tracer iii 15.6 laptop


In our cyberpowerpc tracer iii gaming laptop survey, really like any excess gaming laptops, goes with a standard zenith skeleton fitted with an Intel HM370 chipset. The dimensions of this laptop are “9.53” L, “14.13” W, and “0.75” inches H, and it weighs 4.63 pounds. It has cooling fans to make your system look more noteworthy, this laptop offers RGB lighting that is helpfully obliged by programming. You will not find any optical drive in this laptop. 2x USB 3.1 and 1x USB 2.0 external commitments, close by headphone and beneficiary jacks, are open in this best gaming PC.

The machine’s internal portions are open through a distinguishable side board that is badly by thumbscrews, beat give an instrument less way to deal with get to within parts. At the point when you clear the shaded glass board, you have get to the motherboard, solid state drive, Smash, and setup card. The control supply and irksome drive are housed behind the metal side board on the contrary side.

cyberpowerpc tracer iii 15.6 laptop


8th Gen Intel center i7 Mobile Processor With quicker, clever, multi-center innovation that applies preparing power where it’s required most, Intel Core i7 Mobile processors convey an amazing forward leap in PC execution. You’ll perform multiple tasks applications quicker and release fantastic advanced media creation. Also, you’ll experience greatest execution for all that you do.


GeForce GTX 10-series illustrations cards are controlled by Pascal to convey up to 3x the exhibition of past age designs cards, in addition to imaginative new gaming advances and advancement gaming encounters. The mix of GeForce GTX GPUs and NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers convey the quick exhibition and low idleness needed for an astounding gaming experience.


This best gaming PC goes with an ordinary problematic plate drive for mass oblige space and a beneficial strong state drive of 120GB (SSD) for speed. You will experience trouble free and quick gaming with this construction. The twofold limit drives of this machine put it under the top choice gaming PC. You’ll see the differentiation in stacking time with this design. The not all that loathsome amount of room gives its fast dealing with incorporate.


The cyberpowerpc tracer iii goes with 8GB of DDR4, 2400MHz SDRAM. The bigger piece of the customers overall assures that this shows up in a 2 x 4GB strategy with another two spaces free on the motherboard. As suggested inside the Motherboard segment over, most pre-constructed systems in this degree don’t state which show up or brand is used. The 8GB space should be agreeable for gaming and most work get choosing things done. It is truly most diminutive by the show norms that will restrict the degree of performing various tasks you will be capable perform. Fortunately, a move up to 16GB and 32GB would be exceptionally facilitating appreciation to the two free spaces on the motherboard, which most customers are examining.

  • An outstanding display
  • The touchpad is acceptable
  • No warmth issue or choking
  • Fabricate Quality is acceptable
  • Best spending plan Friendly Graphics card GTX 1660 Ti.
  • Hitter life is short.
  • No HDD access light.


Is tracer a good laptop brand?

As CES 2020 is beginning to find some conclusion, CyberPowerPC dispatched its own PC focused on toward makers called the Tracer Studio Pro. It sports a smooth, light plan combined with burly specs at a reasonable cost. It can possibly be one of the most amazing video altering PCs of 2020.

The CyberPowerPC Tracer Studio Pro’s magnesium combination cover sports new dim silver shading that emits a superior energy. CyberPowerPC figured out how to reduce a few expenses by making the deck plastic, and keeping in mind that that detracts from the nature of the form, it enables purchasers on a careful spending plan to purchase a very good quality PC.

In case you’re a section gamer and maker, I’d propose bringing for the 144Hz board, since you’ll have the option to see those higher casing rates you’ll catch with the Tracer Studio Pro’s amazing specs.

I tap moved my fingers the whole way across the CyberPowerPC Tracer’s console and each key was somewhat click and smooth to push down. In any case, I do wish there was somewhat more travel to it. At any rate, you’ll get some sweet four-zone RGB lighting.

The CyberPowerPC Tracer provisions solid specs, a splendid 4K OLED show and an agreeable console pressed into a light plan just for a reasonable cost. We’re eager to get the Tracer Studio Pro through our lab and perceive how it does on our benchmarks, so stay tuned to our full survey at some point this year.

Are CyberPower PC laptops good?

The cyberpowerpc tracer iii worked really hard keeping the general impression of this 15.6” monster to a base by managing down its presentation bezels. The edge-to-edge show is a plan pattern we’ve seen across the tech business in the course of recent years, yet gaming workstations are seconds ago making up for lost time.

Gamers will see the value in the Tracer’s slender plan and console, yet the main thing is the thing that lies in the engine. The 15.6-inch Tracer III will uphold up to a NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU with 8GB of GDDR4SDVRAM. You can likewise decide to venture down in the event that you don’t require as much force. These portable GPUs support every one of the pleasant components NVidia has been promoting in the course of recent months, including continuous beam following and upgraded AI.


Aside from a couple of minor Cons, I discovered this cyberpowerpc tracer iii Laptop Good item our clients with Optimized for gaming at Ultra High game settings and high goals you can partake in each new title games with no issue by any means.

Part of the dissatisfaction when I need to close an audit like this is realizing that I will prescribe going to a significant merchant rather than the more modest store where you’re more responsible to get better client assistance and care alongside a boundlessly better choice of parts than work from. While stores have a lot of freedoms to separate themselves from the opposition with regards to work area works, with scratch pad they’re truly stayed with whatever the ODM gives.

We’ve suggested you here above in the content highly recommended brand that is almost greatly considered among the top gamers. We hope you’d like and enjoy it.

For any queries let us know in the comment section given below.

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