How to enable direct storage windows 11 – 2022

how to enable direct storage windows 11

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Microsoft has been making execution lovers dream for a long time by referencing DirectStorage’s prompt arrival, an API that is accessible directly from the Xbox Series. 

Direct Storage API reduces game stacking time by allowing for an instant exchange between SSD and GPU. Let’s take a deep dive into Direct Storage and its capabilities on Windows 11.

Direct Storage: What is it and why do you need it?

Direct Storage, a low-level Microsoft capacity API for games, allows you to calculate super-quick stacking times for your games. Direct Storage can help if you have ever been stuck on a stacking screen while playing a game.

Direct Storage loads pixels and surfaces to your nearby drive while you stream a game. An Application Programming Interface is used by Direct Storage to retrieve the data from the hard drive.

The API then moves the game’s data from the framework’s RAM to the hard drive. It then goes to the Graphical Processing Unit, or GPU, for delivery.

If you happen to download a game, the information is compressed to make it easier for you. Compacted information can be harmful to the GPU. The information is transferred from RAM to CPU for decompression. The game then copies to VRAM in GPU.

Pressure issues cause a bottleneck between CPU and GPU. This inheritance interaction results in slower burden times and lower outline rate.

To fix those bottleneck issues and further develop PC gaming, enter Direct Storage-currently accessible for Xbox Series X/S game engineers, however presently accessible for Windows 11.

Direct Storage for Windows 11: Instructions

DirectStorage API (Application Programming Interface), an elite presentation stockpiling innovation, will be available on Windows 10 and not just on Windows 11.

Microsoft has confirmed it. Microsoft will not force gamers to use the most advanced working framework in order to participate in Direct Storage innovation. This is something many fear.

Direct Storage is an API. You don’t have to enable it. It is an inherent capability in the latest working framework. This API is actually used by game designers to create computer games.

Once the game designers have implemented this element in their games you will need to send the DirectStorage-viable Windows 11 games and the framework will take care of the rest. 

The Direct Storage highlight is not available for games at this time, but it was delivered at the start of 2021.

Direct Storage does not have a button. When your framework is functional, an element will naturally execute itself. To help with the flood of information, you will need a decent design card or VRAM. You can rest assured that your components meet the required benchmarks and you will be fine.

It could, however, invest in opportunities for game designers to adapt to the new API. It is possible to have trouble observing the perfect games because the API will continue to improve. Gaming enthusiasts can expect amazing execution in every event while still playing complex games.


Direct Storage API is an API game designers use for complex games. This API will allow for the creation of new, more complex game conditions than ever before. This will result in gamers being able to stack more games and arrive at more games faster.

While the Xbox Series X/S console was initially the platform for innovation, it is now supported in Windows 11. Direct Storage removes all barriers between GPU innovation, and the ability to store data. If you already have the equipment, you don’t need to turn it off. Simply load a game that is Direct Storage-viable, and your PC will wrap up.

Direct Storage support has been discontinued. However, it will continue to operate over the next few years.

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