How to install dual channel ram – 2022 | Using 5 Steps

how to install dual channel ram

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The purpose of this helpful content is to guide you through the process of installing dual channel RAM completely based on five simple steps, so hopefully you will gain a better understanding of the process.

Learning how to install RAM on a motherboard may be very rewarding. Whether it’s not matter whether you’re examining this to discover how to install RAM for a new laptop/computer build installation you are undertaking, or whether or not you’re upgrading your existing desktop with additional memory.

Here’s a step-by-step amateur’s guide to teaching you all you need to know, including where to install extra memory modules.

Exactly what does RAM do?

how to install dual channel ram

Random access memory, or RAM, which is commonly referred to as just memory, is hardware that facilitates the storage and retrieval of records on a computer.

Generally speaking, RAM is needed to help and speed up the performance of a PC. The more RAM you have, the better your laptop, desktop, or phone will perform.

It can cause a computer’s performance to slow down if it no longer has enough RAM to run the operating system and software programs it uses.

It is imperative that the more RAM a computer has, the greater its capacity to load and process software at the same time.

Dual Channel RAMa

how to install dual channel ram

A dual-channel memory system is an example of multi-channel memory. Multi-channel RAM can increase record switch charges by including more conversation channels between the memory and the memory controller in all versions.

Other than twin/dual channels, there are numerous other types of RAM channels, such as single channel, triple channel (3 channels), quad channel (four channels), and even motherboards with six to eight channels.

For dual-channel architecture, manufacturers initially ganged 64-bit buses into a single 128-bit bus, referred to as the ganged model. However, the performance improvement was not sufficient.

As manufacturers discovered that unbiased buses could increase performance even further, unaged buses are generally set as defaults on most modern processors.

A memory controller that supports multi-channel architecture should be present on the processor and motherboard in order to benefit from multi-channel memory.

Several studies have shown that the CPU (processor) performs better in dual-channel mode since it consumes five to 20% less load.

Choosing a financial computer build can have a lot of advantages in terms of durability, performance, and protection. Walking dual-channel RAMs are green in this experience as overworking your CPU can lead to overheating.

Make Sure You’re Running Dual-Channel

how to install dual channel ram

You may download or install a unfastened software program tool called cpu-z. it checks your system’s devices and provides additional facts inclusive of module specs, clock timings of the ram, processes, boards, spds, and plenty more.

It offers an in-depth examine how your ram is operating and after you run the software, you may just press the memory tab to test your ram. appearance to the top-right portion of the application and you’ll see “channels #”. it could be unmarried, twin, or quad.

If it’s miles already in dual, you’re already on dual-channel mode and do now not have to worry about allowing it.

How to install dual channel ram

We’ll get right to the steps for installing RAM, and you can see the FAQ at the end for answers to some commonplace questions.

During the installation of dual-channel RAM, there are many steps you must follow to ensure that RAM is properly set up and channel performance runs smoothly.

Step.1: Find the correct slot for installing single-channel RAM

how to install dual channel ram

The slots/sockets on the motherboard where RAM modules are installed are technically known as Dimma slots (twin inline memory modules). On the motherboard, this first slot should be labelled “DIMMA1”.

Check the motherboard labeling to locate socket 1 on your board if you’re just installing a single memory module – it may be referred to as socket 0. The first slot will almost always be used for a single RAM stick. It’s all, regardless of where it placed.

Check your motherboard’s manual to see if it mentions anything about which socket to place your stick in. If your guide doesn’t mention something (which is possible), simply install your single RAM module in the closest slot.

Step.2: Find correct slots for putting in dual channel ram

how to install dual channel ram

If you’re installing ram modules (distinctly advocated as dual channel ram is best for gaming), and your motherboard has four reminiscence slots (also endorsed so you have 2 spare slots for a destiny ram improve), you likely need to deploy them in both slots 1 and 3 or slots 2 and four (and now not directly subsequent to each different).

You cannot just set up dual channel ram in any slots, in any other case they both may not carry out optimally or might not paintings in any respect. don’t worry an excessive amount of if you make a mistake of the use of the wrong slot, because it won’t damage some thing and you could simply alternate it later, however it is clean to know which slots to use because it must be printed in your actual motherboard next to the slots (otherwise refer to your motherboard manual).

Step.3: Free up the slot/s on motherboard

how to install dual channel ram

Earlier than grabbing your memory, you may need to free up a small clip (or ) at the motherboard’s memory socket. depending on the motherboard, every reminiscence socket will both have a unmarried clip you ought to unencumber, or there might be clips to unencumber on either cease of the socket. to release the clip/s simply push it outwards. it may require a firm little push, however don’t use too much pressure if you’re pushing the incorrect place of the socket.

Step.4: Insert the ram module/s

how to install dual channel ram

If you have not already done so, do away with your ram from the box. in case your ram modules has exposed circuitry (the green bits) just like the module in the 2nd photograph underneath, best maintain it through the edges and do not contact the sides in which the circuitry is. additionally avoid touching the connector cutouts/pins on the lowest of the module.

however for ram like our corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 modules which might be covered and don’t have exposed inexperienced circuity (within the image at once beneath), it’s fine to hold them on their aspects.

there’s handiest one way round to install a ram module into a slot. to recognise which way round this is, fit up the lowest connectors (the cutouts/pins) at the ram module to the cutouts on the slot:

once you’ve showed the right manner round, gently insert the module into the slot at a moderate angle:

how to install dual channel ram

Decrease the alternative end in and push the stick firmly into region by using pressing down on top of the module. doing so would possibly automatically snap the hinge/clip again into vicinity (if that occurs, do not worry due to the fact you’ve achieved it right).

To correctly deploy the module all of the way in, you may need to provide it a firm little press from the top, but never use too much pressure as it shouldn’t require a crazy amount of force in case you’re aligned it properly. to correctly seat it all of the manner, it is probably less difficult to press down on either side one after the other:

how to install dual channel ram

Step.5: Affirm the slot/s is locked

how to install dual channel ram

As soon as you’ve set up your ram nicely, you have to be able to pretty without difficulty lock the clip/s on the motherboard socket/s returned into region (if the clip didn’t routinely lock itself – relies upon at the motherboard). now, truely repeat this manner for every other ram sticks you’re installing, and that’s quite an awful lot it for putting in reminiscence. actually one of the simplest, fastest components to put in in a computer without a doubt. there may be simply nothing that can go too wrong with installing ram.

The way to understand whether or not dual channel ram is working well or now not

In case you need to realize whether or not your ram already has dual channel era (or extra) or no longer, you could install cpu -z which may be downloaded right here:

CPU-Z  for Windows / PC

Later after it’s miles mounted, please open the software then choose the reminiscence tab , then within the column titled channels # you could see in case your ram simplest supports unmarried, twin, or greater.

This technique also can be used to look if the pair of ram that you have used has implemented the twin channel characteristic or now not, and even using cpu -z you could see the specifications of other hardware including processor and motherboard .

Frequently Asked The Questions

Is installing ddr4 and ddr3 memory the identical?

Yep – in phrases of truly installing ram, it is the equal standard method irrespective of what form of reminiscence you are using. at the quit of the day, ram is constantly just going to be a easy horizontal stick which you slot into area. but do understand that ddr4 and ddr3 are not interchangeable though, as they’ve distinctive physical sizes. so at the same time as getting to know the way to set up ram will have you going thru the precise same kind regardless of what type it’s far, you can’t installation a ddr4 module in a ddr3 motherboard and vice versa.

Can you mix different RAM brands?

Possibilities are you’ll be great with mixing reminiscence modules from special producers/manufacturers, however only if you use sticks that have the equal pace and timings. however in saying that, mixing ram manufacturers isn’t assured to work and it would reason problems in case you get unfortunate, so it’s commonly not endorsed to do if you can avoid it.

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